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by the time i got a solid collection of little helpers that i don't want to miss in my regular workday. here are some of those for you. free for any use – except if you're a nazi. would be nice if you kept the credits!
if you're working on a commercial project, i'd highly appreciate a little donation.
if you optimized some line, or just being enthuiastic, you can drop me a note at the guestbook.

{ functions }


check and print the value of a variable

sort an array by one or more columns

merge arrays recoursive, without deleting any value

search in an array recursively and return the keys

get one or more elements out of an array from any depth

mstrstr / mstristr
search values out of an array in a string, return true or false

as array_unique but for two-dimensional arrays

remove keys with same associative names